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Aqua Foam Monitor

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Technical Specification:-

  • The max capacity: 2000L/min, 2400L/min
  • The max pressure: 16bar
  • Intel: Flange DN50 PN16, DN65 PN16
  • Outlet: Screw thread
  • Optional inlet flange:DN80 PN16/ANSI2″/ANSI

Other Details:

  • Foam Monitor 1000-1500-2000 GPM SS316
  • Aqua-Foam Water monitor with Self-Inducting Nozzle AS PER UL (1000-1500-2000 GPM)
  • The manually operated Self-inducting non-aspirating Foam Monitor made of Stainless with pickup tube.
  • Grade SS-316, capable of discharging 1000 GPM (3800 LPM) to 2000GPM (7500LPM) to at 100 psi (7 bars) inlet pressure over a range of 64/70/75 meter in the horizontal direction.
  • Flange size 150 NB” , Foam Monitor Size 5” .
  • Foam proportioning 3 % is done with help of Foam Inductor placed within the Nozzle.
  • The Foam Monitor has the facility for converting Water/Foam jet to fog and vice-versa very quickly and easily, even during continuous operation.
  • Foam Monitor is provided with self-locking swivel gear bearing(MOC : Bronze) for smooth rotation in the horizontal and vertical direction through hand wheel operation even under high operating pressures.
  • A single firefighter can manually operate the Foam Monitor with large flow capacity, long-range capability.
  • The monitor assembly is designed to withstand the nozzle reaction force experienced during the operation of jet/ fog.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece

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