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Technical Specification :-

Multiple Jet Controls enable small groups of sprinklers or water spray nozzles to be operated simultaneously. A comprehensive range of types and sizes are available with single or double outlets; heat or electrically activated; 20, 40, 50 and 80 mm sizes and 68 and 182 oC temperature ratings. All types are available in natural finish or chrome-plated, electro nickel plated or other finishes for special applications.

Seal: Nickel Silver
Weight: 0.825kg
Body: Brass
Max. Pipework Velocity: 4.6 meters/second
Max. Working Pressure 12.0 Bar
Max. Test Pressure**: 50% above normal working pressure; max 18 bar (normally for a limited period of 1 hour)
Standard temperatures 57 ºC, 68ºC, 79ºC, 93ºC, 141ºC,

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